May 1st to May 10th-Every hanging basket sold, $1.00 will be donated to SES pta



Greenhouse is Open!!!

Important COVID-19



We are a family owned business that will continue to provide our customers with service during this difficult time. Our establishment has always been well maintained and kept cleaned but with the increased call for social distancing related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have instituted preventive/protective measures to ensure the safety of ourselves, employees, customers, and our surrounding community by continuously cleaning and sanitizing our equipment and surfaces that could be the pathway for transmission to people with contact.

A few things to know while you visit.

 While entering the Store, we are limiting to 3 customers in the store at one time and mask must be worn. We are allowing Take-Out Only at this time, there is no sit down eating.

While entering the Greenhouse, we are limiting to 10 customers in the greenhouse at one time and mask must be worn. Please remember to be curious to everyone else and remain 6 feet from one another. Also we know that its fun for the family to get out and do their flower shopping but with the limited amount of customers in the greenhouse, please do not bring your family for an outing in the Greenhouse this year. 

We are offering curbside assistance as well. We do offer delivery but we do have a delivery fee depending on where we are delivering to. We  accept Cash, Check and Credit Cards. We do not accept American Express. 

If you have questions on Mulch/Compost/Topsoil, please contact Dave's Compost & Mulch at (716) 592-2199 or (716) 864-8928, they will be  able to further assist you. They are only taking Cash or Check. Checks can be payable to Cathy Miller.

Thank-You! We hope that your families remain healthy and safe during the difficult time. 

About Us


Greenhouse & Country Market

When it comes to any greenhouse needs, Jake's Greenhouse has a variety of flowers, shrubs and trees to make your home beautiful.  We have been in business since 2005 and with our knowledge and experience we are determined to create that balance of minimal work to make it easier for our customers to create a great atmosphere on their own. While at Jake's Greenhouse you can also shop in the Country Market to get daily lunches, milk, cheese, meats, fresh produce and Hersey's Ice Cream.


Jake's Landscaping & Snowplowing Inc.

You can rely on us to take care of your landscape so that you can focus on the things that are important to you. We specialize in creating or redesigning lawns for businesses and residential including walkways and bonfire pits. We also specialize in annual snowplowing for both businesses and residential areas. Call Jake to schedule an appointment for a quote or any questions at (716) 961-8837


Dave's Compost & Mulch

Also on site is Dave's Compost & Mulch. We have a variety of mulch and compost offered from April to October. The following colors are Black, Red, Brown, Triple Brown, Compost, Topsoil and Bedmix. We deliver as well. Please call Dave or Cathy Miller at (716) 592-2199 for questions or orders. Compost and Mulch hours of Operation are Monday-Sunday 9am-5pm. Thank-You!


Contact Us

Jakes Greenhouse Inc.

11904 Route 240 East Concord, NY 14055

(716) 592-4084


Open today

09:00 am – 07:00 pm